Queenstown and other places around South Island offer a perfect destination for snowboarding to professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. When you have decided to travel to New Zealand during the winters, it is important as a beginner to know about snowboarding to be safe and comfortable. Here are some beginner snowboarding tips that you should know before you arrive at your destination.

Follow the instructions

Before you go snowboarding, you will be given a few instructions about the regulations of the area. Qualified instructors will provide group or private lessons to make you understand the basics of snowboarding. Do not go skiing or snowboarding without taking the instructions if it is your first time. It can be a risk to your safety and also cause problems for others.

Tips for First Time Snowboarders In New Zealand

Try out your gear

You can purchase or rent snowboarding gear at the destination. Most resorts provide the gear to their guests. Try out your gear to make sure everything fits properly. Having the right gear will reduce the chances of injuries because of loose fittings. You should be comfortable with what you wear on your body so you can move around easily while snowboarding.

Layer up

Wear layers of clothing as you will be going out in chilling weather conditions. Make a base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer as you dress up for snowboarding. Thermals are a must if you during the negative temperatures. You will also need extra layering for your neck, hands, and ankles so the air cannot get inside. Wearing multiple layers will also prevent you from injuries if you fall, while snow will provide added cushioning to prevent damage.

Drink up

You need to stay hydrated all the time in order to give your muscles enough energy to keep working. You will require more stamina at higher altitudes, so you need to drink and eat enough to keep the body running. You can find special nutrition bars at the resorts that will provide you a quick energy boost when you are climbing up the mountain.

Listen to your body

If your body does not permit you to snowboard around, it is suggested that you take a rest and head back to your room. It is not safe for you to be out in the snow when you start developing cramps. When you are tired, you should stop and relax in your resort where you will find hot water baths. Drink up some hot beverages to warm yourself up and plan your next day while giving your body some rest.

Apply sunscreen

You may not feel the burn from the sun on your body during the chilly weather, but the UV rays reflected from the snow can do three times the damage it does at the beaches. Apply sunscreen on your exposed body parts whenever you head out.