5 Day Surf Camp

5 day Learn to Surf Camp
Ideal for students and kids who really want to progress with their surfing!

This is the ultimate in surf coaching! Our instructors will work with you every day to ensure your safety and make sure you progress to a good standard so that you enjoy your surfing. You will be surfing in conditions that best suit your ability. We have been running these tours since 2002. We have developed a very busy fun filled 5 days for kids and teenagers to improve their surfing skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. In between surfing we have beach activities, board games, ping –pong matches and surfing theory.

Parents are welcome, and this is a great way for the whole family to learn to surf.

Learning to surf is all about

Having access to the right equipment – which we provide!
Finding the waves that best suit your ability – we’ll make it happen!
Being given the right instruction- we’ll show you how it’s done!
We have our own exclusive lodge (Ahipara Surf Lodge) 4.5 hours north of Auckland, situated directly on the southern end of 90 mile beach only 15 minutes from Kaitaia is Ahipara. In-front of our door is the most perfect beginner to intermediate beach break wave. Its mostly a soft, gentle wave with a sand bottom, this is the ideal wave to learn to surf or improve your technique on the un-broken wave. Being located in Ahipara we are absolutely spoilt for choice as to which waves we will surf for the day. 30 minutes to the picturesque east coast, an hour or so to the northern coast where you can see the two oceans meet and ride down giant sand dunes and only 5 minutes drive from our house is a mechanically perfect sand bottom point break. We have been running tours up here for years and will always find the best waves to suit the groups’ ability.
Having constant guidance on such perfect waves will ensure a steep learning curve for each student. You will learn more in these 5 days than you thought possible. We have a lot children returning year after year and it is very rewarding for us to see the improvement each year and the excitement in their eyes as they build in confidence and increase their awareness and knowledge of the ocean.

Product Detail

We provide:

5 days surfing
4 night’s accommodation, dormitory style at Ahipara Surf Lodge. (Upgrades available: Twin $25 per night/per person, Double room $50 per night/per room).
3 fresh meals daily. Vegetarians no problem. (Lunch on Monday and Friday while in transit is at your own expense).
All transportation. Pick up and drop off from central city Auckland.
Surfboards, wetsuits, and accessories. Body boards (by request).
Daily Surf Lessons (we are normally in the water for 2 hours per surf).
Surf safety, learn about rips, holes and undertows, how to identify them, escape them and use them to your advantage.
Beach activities.
Video analysis.

General Information

Tours leave Monday 10 am from under the Big Boat in the Viaduct Harbour. You will be sent a map when booking.
We return Friday around 5pm.
Tour groups are a maximum of 10 so be in quick, first come first served.
Our surf season runs from approximately October through to June.

Daily Itinerary

There are always surprises and last minute detours on this trip. Every day we will chase waves on either coast depending on the wind and swells, the only fixed part of the itinerary is the set accommodation spot at Ahipara Surf Lodge.

Day 1  (1 surf)

The search begins! We depart Auckland and head to the far north (Ahipara Surf Lodge). Once settled in our accommodation we head out in-front of the house and surf until sunset.

Day 2  (2 surfs)
The decision has been made the night before, so it’s either off to find waves at one of the coasts with maybe a packed lunch and beach games, or we surf at the one of the many nearby locations and eat at the lodge, rest up and hit the surf again.

Day 3  (2 surfs)
Wake up, have breakfast and then we may surf in front of the lodge. 2 surfs today, some may have 3 if you have the energy!

Day 4  (2 surfs)
Expect more of day 2 and day 3 today. Maybe a sand-boarding mission or a hunt for the tasty green-lipped mussel! By evening our surf pilgrimage will bring us home for our final night at Ahipara Surf Lodge.  Surf photos and videos are studied and pointers are given for the students to take with them.

Day 5  (2 surfs)
Back to Auckland chasing waves on either coast. We arrive in Auckland late Friday afternoon around 5pm.

Bonuses: Sunsets and sunrises, dolphins, whales, wild horses and dune boarding just to name a few.

Water Safety

Over the 5 days the students will learn about surfing etiquette and surf safety.

They will have a good understanding of:

Who has the right of way on the wave and drop ins.
Rips and how to escape them, identify them, and use them to your advantag
Tides and the effect they have on the waves.
Different types of waves, beach profiles and different breaks.
Different wind condition, offshores, onshores and costal sea breezes and the effect it has on the surf.
How to read weather pattens, what causes the surf and the formation of ocean swells.

What to bring:

Personal items, sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, spending money, and lots of energy.

Risk Management & Surf Guides

NZ Surf Tours has a thorough risk management plan in every vehicle, which covers the different types of risks; dangers, risk management strategies and emergency plan procedures. All our guides are fully qualified and hold a minimum Level 1 Surf NZ endorsement.They have all been trained in Surf Safety and hold a current First Aid certificates for your safety. They have extensive local knowledge which allows them to find quality waves and give you a surfing adventure that you will never forget.

Bookings (Minimum Age 13)

Younger ages may be accepted if accompanied by an older sibling, mum, dad or gaurdian. We will also accept younger ages for school trips. All students under 18 years of age must complete a Student Registration Form and a Conditions of Booking Form.

You need to declare any medical conditions you may have as well as any disabilities. We also need to know about vegetarians and any food allergies you may have. If you need to see the menu for the week please contact us. Please print, scan and email the forms back to us or post them to NZSST, PO Box 17-509, Greenlane, Auckland.