Surf Tours

If you are interested in surfing, learning how to surf, taking surf lessons or want to go on a surf tour and have the best time of your life while in New Zealand, you are definitely in the right place so duck dive in, read on and allow us to be your guide.

New Zealand is one of the last areas in the world to be discovered as a major surfing destination. It’s many kilometers of scenic coast are constantly pounded by swells from all angles, and with both coasts being so close together, it allows us to find quality waves everyday so you never have any downtime. This cannot be said about many other countries.

Whether you are a serious surfer or a visitor looking to taste the surfer’s lifestyle, we have a package to suit. All our packages will feed your soul with surf and adventure and provide you with a surf experience that will last you a lifetime with uncrowded waves, breathtaking scenery and a true taste of kiwi culture.
The beaches you will visit will vary from marbled white sands back dropped with blossoming Pohutakawas and Nikau palms on the east coast, to the rugged black sand of the west coast with its towering black cliffs and rain forests.

The waves you will surf are as good and consistent as anywhere in the world. You have the choice of beach breaks, river bars, point breaks, and reef breaks. We always find good quality waves that suit all levels. Click here for more detail on New Zealand’s coast and waves.

In summer, the temperature can reach around 30 degrees Celsius / 86 Fahrenheit.
This means that you will be able to surf the North Island spots in board shorts, although a light spring suit is recommended.
In the winter the water still remains OK in the North of the North Island, although a steamer is needed. The further south you go you may need to put booties on those toes to keep them warm.

Average water temperatures range from 12 degrees Celsius / 54 Fahrenheit in the winter to 22 degrees Celsius / 72 Fahrenheit in the summer.