Snowboarding is an experience that is not available in many destinations during most of the year. Winter is the only time when slopes are perfect for more professional snowboarding. This is the time when destinations like New Zealand and European Alps attract snowboarders from around the world. If you are packing your backpack for a snowboarding and skiing vacation, make sure that you have these things in your travel bag.

Neck Wallet

A neck wallet is a preferred accessory for travelers today as it offers better security to your items than a regular wallet. Since you carry in on the inside of your shirt, it is hard to steal. It can also hold all your necessary items, including your passport, smartphone, money, and cards. You can wear it while snowboarding to not load your pockets with everything you must carry with you.

Backpacking List for Snowboarding in New Zealand


Should you carry your own snowboard if you are traveling to other countries? It can be a hassle to carry snowboards everywhere if you have other plans alongside snowboarding. When you are in New Zealand, you can rent snowboards for as long as you want and then return or sell them at the end of your trip.

Snowboard bag

You must carry a snowboard bag to keep your snowboard safe while also making its carrying easy. You can wear it on your back and travel around rather than straining your hands for holding a snowboard everywhere you go. Snowboarding bags can be highly durable and can store all your snowboarding gear and accessories.

Snowboarding gear

It is suggested that you wear the complete gear for your snowboarding. It includes your snowboard, goggles, sunglasses, helmet, snowboarding boots, and waterproof socks. You need to keep yourself warm and also safe. You can keep an extra pair of glasses in case the weather changes.

Warm clothes

Since you will be staying out in the cold during the winter season, you will need a lot of warm clothes. Know what you can carry to the ski resort and avoid overloading. A pair of jackets is more than enough to wear during a week-long vacation. You will also need a warm hat, warm gloves, warm socks, jeans, warm tops, sleepwear, comfortable shoes, and snowboarding pants.


Today you can capture everything using your smartphone’s camera. You can also carry a separate camera or a mounted camera to capture yourself snowboarding through the beautiful landscapes. You can capture the moments and cherish them for the rest of your life by replaying them or posting them on your blog, sharing your experience.


You will also need a bunch of other things to make sure that you have a comfortable stay at the ski resort and enjoy your time snowboarding. You will need your daily electronics, chargers for all your electronics, medications, water bottles, swiss army knife, show chains, toe and hand warmers, first aid kit, and anything that you prefer keeping with you during your trip.