Surfing is among the biggest water sport available in New Zealand. Packing for surfing can get tricky as it does not need much except for a surfboard that you cannot carry with you easily on a flight. So what do you carry to a surfing trip? Here are the ten things a surfing trip will require to keep you protected and comfortable.


Today, most surfers prefer renting the surfboards at the destination as carrying a surfboard with them is a lot of work. There are several platforms where surfers can purchase a surfboard for their vacation and then resell it before going back. It saves them the hassle of carrying a 10-foot-long foam all around with them.


You cannot roam around the beach with a wet swimsuit the whole day. Keep an extra pair or more shorts/swimsuits, so always have a dry pair available to you when you are finished going into the waters. Keep a separate bag that enables you to keep your damp clothes separate from the dry ones.

Sun protection

You will definitely need sunscreen on a sunny day to ensure your skin is protected from the UV rays. You can find waterproof sunscreen in the market today. You can also use aloe vera to keep your skin cool once you come out of the waters.


The tropical destinations are humid, and you can get sweaty easily. Rashes can ruin your experience and will take an entire day or more to recover. Use a good rashguard to wear a wetsuit when you are entering the waters, so you do not face any problems with rashes.

A water-resistant duffle

A duffel that is also water-resistant is perfect for your surfing trip. It can pack all the necessary items quickly and also help you keep your valuables safe as you wait for the perfect wave to surf on.

Surf accessories

While a surfing board may seem more than enough to surf throughout the day, it is better to have accessories that help you surf better. A trusted surf wax, a wax comb, a ding repair kit, and surf racks are some of the accessories that you may need while traveling to a surf destination.

First aid

Not just the surfers but every traveler must carry a first aid kit with them during the trip. Injuries can spoil the experience, but it is important that any wounds are covered quickly to prevent any future infections. Painkillers, waterproof tape, bandages, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, sanitizer are common first aid essentials.

Reusable water bottles

It is important to stay hydrated even when you are surrounded by water. Purchasing a plastic water bottle every time is not the smartest decision if you love surfing and oceans. Keep a reusable quality water bottle with you so you can refill the water time and again.