Surfing is like a dream that comes true when you are challenging some of the biggest ocean waves and beating them in the race to reach the shore. Everyone starts to learn surfing from scratch and needs to complete a course before successfully riding a wave. It is okay to fall off the surfboard for the first time as you will need to dedicate some time practicing surfing. Meanwhile, here are some pro surfing tips to help you learn better.

Find a teacher

Do not go surfing all on your own if it is your first attempt at it. You may end up injuring yourself and risk your life if you do not have any experience in surfing. Take on surf lessons in a combined session or find a personal trainer if necessary.

Find a beginner-friendly location

Not all surfing locations are the same. Some may be good for beginners, while others are only meant for highly professional surfers. Do not risk riding the waves that are not meant for beginners. Instead, find a beginner-friendly sport that will make your learning process easier and smoother.


You will put a lot of stress on your muscles during the surf. It is important to stretch out and warm up a little before you enter the water. It will prevent the cramps you can get with sudden movements that can ruin your experience. It will also increase your heart-rate and allow oxygenation in your blood.

Spend time on the beach

Do not jump into the waters as soon as you reach the beach. Take your time to learn about the beach and plan your moves for the water. Check your surfboard and equipment and make sure everything is in place before you rush into the waters with your board.

Look at other surfers

When you reach the beach, observe other surfers at the beach and notice their movements and timing in the water. Study what they do and where they break. It will help you develop an idea or a vision to time your surfing properly when it is your turn.

Use a leash

A safety measure for you is to use a leash every time you surf. It will keep you near your surfboard even if you fall into the water. Even the professionals use the leash to prevent losing their surfboard if they fall. Unless you are confident enough to leave the leash behind, it is suggested that you always carry it.

Do not be afraid

Your instructor will explain why your fear will stop you from becoming a better surfer. Learning surfing is one of the hardest sports and can take a long time. Use meditation if necessary and center yourself for the activity. Remember why you want to learn surfing and support your determination with fearlessness.